Girl Power Program in Miami Dade County to Help At Risk Girls.

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One mother who was ready to relenquish custody of her difficult daughter.  Her 14 year old daughter would no longer listen.

She thought about sending her daughter to a private school in Africa she turned instead to Girl Power a mentoring program for girls age  11 to 17.  So many girls began hanging out with street gangs or beginning to sell weed and pills around the age of 11.

The program now wants to expand and create a home for 20 girls who need a safe havan.  I hope they are sucessful and reach their goals.


Hawkins Village The Projects

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The picture at the top of this blog is a picture of the Public Housing Projects that I used to live in a long time ago. Its called Hawkins Village and it was actually a very beautiful and clean neighborhood although the people there were very “ghetto” I actually didn’t mind that. 

One thing about the Village that I loved was the sisterhood we women shared there.  Its like that in the hood we women have to stick together to survive especially if we are single parents.  We often get together and just talk and have a good time.   I don’t know where I would be today without my homegirlz.


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